Hi-Top Golf – The Golfcycle is here to make Golf Xtreme!

Have you always wanted your round out on the links to be just a little more Xtreme?????? Well now you can sink that 10 footer and then hit a sick 180 Floppy McTwist off the bunker on your way to the next tee with the FinnCycle from Sun Mountain.

Yes it really is an electric motorcycle golf cart to carry your bag.

Sadly there’s no video footage of this bad boy in action cuz the Lil’ Dogg is very curious about this one folks. From the looks of this photo the clubs seem to be perched quite precariously. Like I would not want to take this thing down a hill and then realize I forgot to zip up a pocket and now all my balls are rolling down in front of me as I pop a wheelie over my 5 Iron. Then there’s the whole bag between your legs thing that just doesn’t look all that comfortable.

The beauty of a Golf Cart is that it’s a marriage of comfort and convenience. You got your cup holders for your Yeti, slots for your phone, couple extra balls maybe even a speaker blasting tunes if your rolling Philly B. style. The ride may be bumpy but that’s par for the course (see what I did there 😉) cuz you’re cruising in style. Not so much with this new FinnCycle. I don’t spy a single cup holder on this Golfcycle and that just ain’t gonna fly out on the course.

Send this cycle back to the shop boys. The golf cart is not a problem that needs solving. Maybe some cushier seats, better brakes for sure, and I’d love to see them all go electric but four wheels and two seats just can’t be beat.

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