Just Like World War I, the Super Bowl will be Won in the Trenches

Brady and Gronk and Edelman might get all the press but the true Patriot Super Stars are the big fellas up front:

This Super Bowl should be renamed The Battle of the Big Bellies cuz which every team controls the line of scrimmage will be the ones waking away victorious.

For the uninitiated, the LA Rams have some studs on their D-Line.

Those are some mean nasty hombres who love to get dirty in a pig pile.

Pats O-Line Coach Dante Scarnecchia has been getting some long over due plaudits in the wake of two absolutely dominating playoff performances by his big guys but unless they continue their control of the front line in the Big Game, the Pats offense will not be able to continue to perform like they have so far.

Let’s leave the stats to the nerds on this one cuz anyone with eyes (no offense to the blind of course who no doubt can still enjoy the game with the help of audio devices and are always valuable members of our society) will be able to see who’s dominating this game.

Control the line of scrimmage. Win the game. It will be that simple folks.

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