My Hall of Fame Ballot

I don’t get a Hall of Fame Ballot (yet), but I’m submitting one anyway…submitting it to you all. I’m doing what I do best, opening myself up for ridicule and debate. Why? Because I love baseball. And I love giving my opinions on shit. And this is the best way to combine them.

Here’s a link to my ballot from last year

My 2019 Baseball Hall Of Fame Picks

These are guys I would vote to get in…not who I think will get in.

These are in order of lock-i-tude

Bonds and Clemens: Absolute no doubt, lock, slam dunk Hall of Famers. Bonds is a top 5 player of all time, and Clemens is on the short list of best pitchers. We can’t possibly begin to know who did what and when…there are definitely already cheaters in Cooperstown, probably a bunch of them did steroids. Where do you draw the line? If the line is drawn, and these guys are OUT, then guess what…you drew the line in the wrong place.

Mo Rivera: I think closers in general are just failed starters, some are better than others, but ultimately change them every couple of years. But this guy is the exception. He was so dominant, for so long, we’ll never see it again.

Edgar Martinez: DH’s aren’t as valuable as position players…that is a FACT. But you’d have to be a pretty damn good two-way player to be better than Edgar was as a DH only. I think DH’s should be discounted, but not locked out…and this guy gets in.

Schilling: The only strikes against him are his politics, and his win total. Neither one should have any bearing at all. He’s got all the other numbers, and he’s got what may be the greatest post season resume of all time…and 3 rings.

Mussina: I wrote last time, this is an eye ball test thing for me. He pitched his whole career in the AL East and was as consistently very good as anyone I can remember…and for a long time. I don’t love wins, but to have 270 in that division, says something about how effective he was.

Doc Halladay: He’s more borderline for me than I thought he’d be. But ultimately, his peak years were so good, that it outweighs his lack of longevity. 2 CY’s and 5 other top 5’s….that’s pretty damn great.

Manny: He will never get in, but what the best right handed hitter I’ve ever seen. Just absolutely lethal at the plate for over 10 years.

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