The Greatest QB of All-Time

They said it couldn’t be done! Too old! Too slow! Too many injuries! Not enough talent!

Well they underestimated one thing. This guy has the heart of a champion!

Tom Brady has done it again! Tom who????

We are talking about the true star of the night.

🗣TONY ROMO!!!!!!!!!!!!

By all accounts this was the greatest performance ever seen at any football game:

Why even play the game? Just have ROMO tell everyone what is going to happen:

When Piers Morgan starts weighing in you know you’ve witnessed a truly transcendent performance:

We can all thank the Lord Above that we live in the Age of ROMO. And guess – what QB1 will be in the booth at the Super Bowl. We are blessed. We are blessed.

Sure Brady was okay but let’s be honest. He’s no ROMO!

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