They Ain’t Going Nowhere…and neither am I.

The Patriots are going to their 9th Superbowl in 18 seasons. Ridiculous.

There was a lot wrong with the Patriots’ performance in last night’s AFC Championship Game, and in part, they owe the win to the NFL’s ridiculous Overtime system…but it just doesn’t friggin matter. In the end:

Bad Boy for life

They ain’t going nowhere…except Atlanta.

That’s why this team is so friggin’ great. Nothing takes them out of it.

Brady made the worst play in the history of his career in the 2nd Quarter… that didn’t matter.

Julian Edelman almost cost them the game twice on back to back plays, but in crunch time, he didn’t drop anything.

Belichick went for it on 4th and 1 instead of kicking a FG, and wouldn’t ya know…Burkhead got stuffed on the worst-conceived and even worse-executed 4th-and-1 play since John Stepehens was in the backfield…but that didn’t phase the Coach GOAT down the stretch.

They overcame it all, which is the outcome we all wanted. So, don’t come at me when I point this shit out.

I was taking heat last night on social media, on text chains, everywhere…just because I point out the obvious.

They made bonehead mistakes. They got a vast majority of the calls from refs. The were incredibly lucky to win the coin toss in OT (because ain’t no chance they were going to stop Mahomes)….it’s not “negativity” when I point that out. It’s part of my fandom.

You want to be a pom-pom waver, and wait to see what Belichick does before you pass judgement on a situation….great. You want to whine about Anti-Patriot bias, and referee boogey-men out to get them…cool. You do you. That’s your journey, pal. But I’m not built that way.

I call it like I see it. Sometimes it sounds negative…and sometimes I rant about the NFL vs college overtime rule. Sometimes I piss off My Friend Marty. And Liberti…and Kuch…and probably Slavin and Cunnion…and maybe everyone…. except Benny. He’s usually got my 6. But, honestly I don’t GIVE AF. I’m not perfect but, I ain’t wrong…I have the webclicks to prove it.

I live in reality. The reality is, for as great as TB is- one of the top handful of greatest athletes in the history of team sports- he fucks up sometimes. He skipped the OTAs…he threw a pick last night that I’d bench a HS Freshman QB for.

Belichick makes bonehead calls. He does things out of spite that don’t necessarily put the team in the best position to win.

But overcoming these things is exactly WHAT MAKES THEM GREAT TO ME. If I didn’t point them out, I’d be lying to myself, and also depriving myself the full enjoyment of the experience when they DO eventually succeed. So do me a favor…get off my back.

I’m just as big a fan as any of you. I just don’t do the yahoo thing. That’s how I roll…and, so sometimes I tweak some of you guys…what can I say, it’s fun.

Some day, this run will be over, and we’ll never see anything like it again. But for now…THEY AIN’T GOING NOWHERE.

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