The Great 90s Song Battle Royale – Matchup #3

So far we have Down and Nuthin But a G Thang moving on to Round 2. Let’s see who makes it out of Matchup #3.

Matchup #3



Enter Sandman


Award Tour


Don’t Wanna Fall in Love

The Breakdown

A very eclectic grouping in Matchup #3. Unbelievable and Don’t Wanna Fall In Love are very much late 80s tunes that just so happen to have come out in the very early 90s. But I say that as a good thing and not a negative. They both took the best of what the 80s gave us and added a bit of a 90s twist. Unbelievable literally takes part of its hook, the “ooooh” part from none other than Andrew Dice Clay. It doesn’t get more early 90s than that folks. EMF were light years ahead of the curve on this track IMHO and though they were only one hit wonders in the US they were massive for years across the pond. Jane Child on the other hand was a quintessential one hit wonder. But what a hell of a one hit. Child looked like a punk but sang like a diva and created a synth dance floor killer. The other half of our matchup features two Hall of Fame worthy acts in Metallica and A Tribe Called Quest with their most chart topping successes.


Mild upset here but unbelievably enough Unbelievable takes the crown in a tough battle. Listen yes Metallica and ATCQ are clearly the better groups with more lasting histories and achievements. Tribe is quite literally a Top 5 group for the Lil’ Dogg but in a Battle Royale there is no place for playing favorites. The Epsom Mad Funkers created a stone cold classic and that is simply undeniable. Unbelievable still hits like a ton of bricks to this day. EMF moves on. Believe it.

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