Feel Good Story: New Member of Wolfpack

Sometimes, we just need a feel good story to send us into the weekend, and thanks to the hard-hitting news folks at yahoo.com, we’ve got one for ya.

Will Novak, of Phoenix, got an email with the subject line ‘Urgent. Reply right away. Angelo’s bachelor party. Need information. Respond right away’. Novak’s response to himself was “Who the hell in Angelo?”.

Apparently not having been apprised of the concept of identity theft scams… Will decided to go ahead and open the email. Because,why wouldn’t you open an email marked urgent, begging for information, sent from someone you don’t know, about a subject you also don’t know? Seriously…who does that.

In this case, it wasn’t a Nigerian Prince or a fake bank…it was an invitation to an 80’s themed ski weekend in honor of “Angelo’s” upcoming nuptials. It was really meant for Bill Novak of New York, who hadn’t responded yet, and it read, in part:

“bring your 80’s attire. ridiculous awesome getups for skiing. ask yourself, ‘What would Angelo wear?’… Wear that.”

I don’t know Angelo myself…yet I think I know exactly what he would wear. We all know an Angelo.

Now, apparently caught up in the excitement, and the idea of cruising down the slopes in full-on 80’s gear, this dude Will replies:

“Guys, this is the Will Novak in Phoenix, Arizona. I am from the desert. I don’t know how to ski. Vermont seems like a very far away for me to travel for the bachelor party of a guy I’ve never met. All that being said, I’m there, I’m there for Angelo.”

I feel him….at that point, it’s getting to be last minute. There could be a Crockett on this email chain, badly in need of a Tubbs. Will is not the type of guy to leave a bro hanging.

And the group could sense that too. They caught wind that Will may need some help covering the cost- maybe because he started a GoFundMe (because, of course he did)- and they offered to pick him up at the airport, get him an 80’s outfit and chip in to pay for his expenses.

Shit, Will even found out the bride and groom- to- be are expecting, and said he’d put any additional $ from the GoFundMe toward the baby…for whatever the couple decided they need. An incredible act of generosity, especially unique when considering the type of people who typically set up a GoFundMe for themselves.

*We are not sponsored by GoFundMe…but gladly would accept their $

So there you have it…a story we can all feel good about. And to think, all of this good will and generosity among a group of dudes happened before the Gillette ad hit the air. Amazing.

So, if you’re around Okemo this weekend…keep an eye out for our main man, Will. And buy him a drink.

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