The Great 90s Song Battle Royale – Matchup #2

We’re kicking off Bracket SZN a few months earlier than all the rest of the Internet cuz Hi-Top are innovators like that. Our Great 90s Song Battle Royale is a scientific examination of the 90s greatest cultural impact – music. And we are on a quest to determine which single song was THE SONG of the 1990s. You can find Matchup #1 here.

Matchup #2

Black Hole Sun


Nuthin’ But A G Thang


Run Around


End of the Road

The Breakdown

We have ourselves an old fashioned slobber knocker here in Matchup #2. Four heavyweights just beating the daylights out of each other. Black Hole Sun was a quintessential “grunge” chart topper that broke through to huge mainstream success. This is the track that made Soundgarden Rock megastars. Nuthin But A G Thang was the song that truly sent Rap Music into the pop culture stratosphere. Sure Rap was popular before Snoop & Dre teamed up but they truly took it to the next level. Run Around brought the 90s neo-hippie resurgence to the pop charts and gave harmonicas their one shining moment. If End of the Road doesn’t burst open your tear ducts and have you all up in your feelings then you truly have no heart. Featuring an all-time Deep Voice Breakdown this Boys II Men classic stayed at number 1 for about three years I think.


When you are comparing hits across genres like we are doing here it really comes down to the intangibles. And Nuthin But A G Thang is pretty much all intangibles. The song itself is smooth as silk and choke full of quotable rhymes easy enough for the even most rhythmically challenged to master. But what truly sets G Thang apart is its impact on the world at large. East Coast-West Coast , Death Row, Snoop, G Funk – it may not have all started with this song but this song is what made it all happen if get what I’m sayin. “1-2-3 and to tha 4…”

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