Weekend Winner – Home Field Advantage

Happy Monday Hi-Topper Nation!

The sound you heard yesterday was the collective exhaling of the entire New England region as ol’ (as in that dude really is old) Tommy Boy Brady and the New England Patriots reached back, way way back, and gave the San Diego LA Chargers a slap across the face. Enjoy your flight back to sunny California where you’ll just have to go play some golf or maybe go for hike up in the Canyon or your pool is probably open so you could go for a swim or spend the day at the beach – damn that all sounds really nice…..

Anywho, all four higher seeds held court at home in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs setting up Rams at Saints and Patriots at Chiefs in the Conference Championships.

We have a crack research team here at Hi-Top HQ and the interns have informed this pup that Tommy Boy is 2-3 on the road in the AFC Championship.

The Pats looked great at home against and ineffectual Chargers team. The Chiefs looked unstoppable at home against an ineffectual Colts team.

Something gots to give folks, something gots to give.

Stay tuned for in depth analysis of the Chiefs-Pats matchup all week long on Hi-Top.

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