It’s Luka’s World Now

Okay sure let’s get the pesky facts out of the way up front. Yes Steph Curry scored a billion points and the Golden State Warriors won the game but what Luka Doncic did last night for the Dallas Mavericks was simply astounding.

Peep these highlights:

26/6/5 is even that great of a state line but man the way this dude plays is so smooooooth.

Steph Curry was on one for realz and still the Mavs were right there with them the whole game.

There’s other young guys putting up big numbers sure but Luka is the one doing it during close games that Dallas has no business contending in. These aren’t blow out stat padding nights (cough cough Devin Booker cough cough). No. Luka is leading his team during highly contested games against the best of the best.

That’s Magic & Larry stuff folks.

Luka is ROY no doubt but the real question is quickly becoming, is Luka a Top 20…Top 10…Top 5?!?!?!??!?…guy already???????

Maybe folks. May…

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