High School Girl Needs Judges Order to play Basketball Because Adults Are the Worst

If you haven’t been following the story of High School Hoopster Maori Davenport here’s the Cliff’s Notes version. She’s an Alabama High School basketball player who was good enough to play for USA Basketball in a FIBA U-18 tournament this past summer. USA Basketball sent her a check (cuz in an even more convoluted story the NCAA actually allows players to get paid if it’s by USA Basketball but you still can’t work a part-time job or make money off your own likeness). Maori cashed the roughly $800 check cuz hey $800 is $800. When she found out this was a violation of Alabama High School rules she promptly refunded the money and even voluntarily admitted the violation.

The state of Alabama in their infinite wisdom still ruled her ineligible for her Senior year of High School.

And you know who actually didn’t care and ruled that no violation had occurred – the NCAA became Davenport is committed to Rutgers to play in college.

Now you would think that a bunch of grown ass adults would be able to quickly see the absurdity of the whole situation and also the fact that NONE OF THIS WAS MAORI DAVENPORT’S FAULT and come to the immediate conclusion that ruling her ineligible was ridiculous.

But no. Of course not. Because Adults are the absolute worst. And the worst of the worst are “Administrators” who cling to every last morsel of power in whatever fake ass position or committee they hold. So the Alabama High School Athletic Commission or whatever dug in their heels even after this story became national news and it took a goddamn COURT ORDER to get Davenport back on the basketball court:

If you want the full breakdown check out this link:

But the gist of the whole deal is that adults with the tiniest bit of power are the worst people on Earth and always will be.

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