Trouble in Celtics Land as Team Loses and Fights Each Other on the Bench

The Boston Celtics lost in Miami last night but the biggest story may be a video of Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown getting into it during a Timeout:

Okay so “fight” may have been clickbait hyperbole 🤷🏻‍♂️ #sorrynotsorry #bloglife. But either way this is NOT a good look for the Celtics.

Team Chemistry has been the MAJOR ISSUE of the season. The guys just don’t look to be in sync with one another most nights. The last few games before Miami things appeared to be settled. The team was on a good run. But last nights loss was indicative of the whole season’s struggles. Fall behind big, fight and claw back into the game. Honestly it was like that last season too but the Celtics found a way to win last year. This year…not so much.

Some observations after breaking down the Fight Film frame by frame.

1. Marcus Morris is SUCH a “push first” kind of guy. Facts is facts and the fact is he’s probably been the MVP of the team this year but this is not cool. Yes things get heated between teammates from time to time during a long season. That’s normal. But crossing the line to put your hands on a teammate and push him? That’s a NO NO in my book Daffy.

2. Of course Marcus Smart is the one to jump in and separate the guys. Smart starts the video not even paying attention to the bench then in the next moment he’s peace maker. It’s like he instinctively knows when to get in the mix. Just like on the court.

3. Is Gordon Hayward even on this team?

“Hey Gordo you might want to pay attention to what’s happening to your left buddy.”

3. The Jaylen Brown Question. Jaylen is a super intelligent guy with all the athletic skills in the world but in this his third year he’s still wildly inconsistent. On the one hand it’s only he’s third year and he’s like 23 but on the other hand it’s his third year and he’s 23. In today’s NBA guys walk in to the league at 19-20 and have an instant impact. Jaylen’s production swings so wildly from night to night and he still doesn’t seem to have a full grasp on how he fits in with the team. Look at his stat lines over the last month.

Bottom line is that we are now literally at the half way point of the season. 41 of 82 played and the C’s sit at 25-16. Frankly that’s just not good enough with the talent level on the team. Sure the post season is all that matters but you really don’t want to go into the playoffs anything less than a #2 seed and right now Boston is in 5th.

We’ve had the “Team Meeting”. Now we’ve had the “Bench Fight”. It’s about time for a good ol’ fashioned “Winning Streak” don’t ya think.

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