This Video is Bonkers!!!!!!

We try to stay out of politics here at Hi-Top but the following tweet and video absolutely needs to be discussed but not for the reasons you would think. First the video, taken from a 1958 episode of a TV series called “Trackdown”.

Now what we are here to discuss after you pick up the pieces of your brain that are no doubt scattered around whatever room you currently occupy basically boils down to….


There are coincidences, there is happenstance, there are in the immortal words of C+C Music Factory – “Things that make you go hmmmmm.”

But this is on a whole nother level folks.

First off, yes it was really an episode from a 1958 TV show:

Obviously the wall stuff is at the very least prescient. But that kicker of the dude being named Trump is just….well a few things jump to mind.

Is Hollywood run by a bunch of Time Travelers who have been sneaking information about the Future into movies and TV shows for the last 100 years???????

The evidence is pretty jarring on this one folks. We have to be at like 99% sure this is the case right? Just way too on the nose here. You’re probably thinking why would a TV show no one remembers be used by a time traveler. Why not just write a hit movie?

Well think about it. If you are a time traveler and you end up in the 1950s you probably couldn’t just walk into Cecil B. DeMille’s office and get a blank check for the next Hollywood mega hit movie.

But you could talk you’re way into a low level writing job on a TV show and shoe horn a warning about the future into an otherwise forgettable Western.

Look at the writer’s name – John Robinson. The only thing more generic would have been Joe Smith. C’mon people!!!!!!! You wouldn’t be able to track a “John Robinson” in 1958 if you tried. There was probably 5 million dudes named John Robinson at that time.

Obviously now we need a task force to sit down and watch every episode of every B List show ever made. The Lil’ Dogg will enthusiastically volunteer to join the Future Force. The safety of the human race just might be at stake.

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