Why I’m ok With Bama getting Dominated

I’ve been rolling with the Tide for some time now. And the more people hate on them, and hate Saban…the more I dig in.


I’m a fan of the sport, first and foremost. Because the only local teams are complete jokes of programs- UMASS (oh, that’s cute you’re D1 now) and those Friggin’ Pukes at BC-  my allegiance is very flexible. I’m free to root for whomever, whenever, and don’t need to provide any reasons. And I’ll be god damned if I’m going to root for some underdog.

 I’m a firm believer that there is nothing better in sports than dominance. Dominant teams breed rabid fans, and they breed contempt. Either way, it’s passion. And I’ve been on both sides of it.

Young Bulls Fan…also check out the Magic hat. Shaq- also dominant.

I never put pro teams above Boston teams, but I was a 49’ers fan in the late 80’s, was crazy for the Bulls in the 90’s, and obviously love the Patriots and Crimson Tide now.

I also HATE the Lakers and Yankees, killed Bennygloves in the 90’s for his Cowboys’ love, and the Steelers make me puke…even though they haven’t been dominant since before I was born.

So if you’re like me- I see you spiritsguy- and root for ‘Bama, great. If you hate ‘Bama and want to come at me, call me a front runner and a fraud….even better. That’s what it’s all about!

Now, last night, I wanted to see Alabama rack up their 6th title in 10 years…and Saban his 7th overall. But as Lil’ Dogg covered earlier, the Tide were dominated by Clemson.

Saban had an abysmal night. He let the fact that his kicker sucks completely get in his head…like it was a surprise to him??? That fake FG was possibly the worst idea in the history of the CFP. And the team failed to make any adjustments to anything, at any time.

Now, that all hurts…and I own it. The team I was rooting for got beat, and I’m not going to hide and pretend “Well, they’re not really my team”. I was shooting off my mouth about them, so I’ll take it. From Lil’ Dogg and My Friend Marty….and from anyone else.

The one thing I did like, though, was that Alabama didn’t lose a game they should have won. There was no silly bounce…no luck involved. They were outplayed, outcoached and utterly beaten by a suddenly DOMINANT Clemson team. And the two players most responsible are there for TWO MORE YEARS!!! More dominance. Love to see it. It’s good for football. It’s good for America. Here’s to hoping these two are both 14-0 and facing off again next year.

This is the way it should be, even though “my” team lost.

 This is where Lil Dogg and the other haters have it wrong. I don’t want to just award the title to the best team, I want it settled on the field. I just want to make sure it’s the two best teams playing to decide it.

This year, there were two dominant teams, and I consider that a successful season. Can’t wait ’til next September!

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