Cornball Drake is also an All-Time Mush

We’ve previously established that Wheelchair Jimmy aka Aubrey aka Drake is the ultimate cornball. Turns out he’s an all-Time jinx as well.

Here’s just a partial list of teams that Drake claims to be a supporter of (its a loooong list folks) and the one thing all these teams have in common is that as soon as ol’ Drakey boy jumps on the bandwagon the wheels fall off mighty quickly.

To recap, Kentucky hasn’t won jack since Drake jumped into their layup line, Conor MacGregor got knocked the effff out and well the Raptors are still the Raptors.

And here’s Wheelchair Jimmy before the National Championship game sending the Tide to certain defeat:

And on and on it goes:

How is possible that one man can be so corny?????

The simple fact is Drake is like that kid in Middle School who begs their parents for all the cool clothes and finally gets their first pair of Skids just as everyone moves on to Cross Color jeans. Always a step behind. Always jumping on to last year’s winner and claiming them as their favorite.

Cornball Drake. Wheelchair Jimmy. Aubrey. A loser and a fraud no matter the name.

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