Clemson Win. True Freshman Pants Saban and Alabama, “Roll” to Victory

2 outta 3 ain’t half bad.

Dabo Sweeney and Clemson have now beaten Nick Saban and Alabama two out of the last three years for the College Football National Championship.

When reached for comment, Nick Saban Superfan and our very own, Le Cap has this to say, “Well if you don’t count the actual game and just look at the stats and the numbers then Alabama should technically still be voted #1 and given the Championship trophy cuz by any measure other than the results of this one game Alabama is by far the better team.”

To which Lil’ Dogg responded, “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

Oh what a sight it was in beautiful Santa Clara (the vampire capital of the world according to the Frogg Brothers FYI).

Points were flying fast and furious in the First Quarter and it seemed like the team to score last would win. However the cracks in the Alabama armor were evident from the start. QB1 Tua was off from Jump Street and never did really get on track. The Tigers went into the half up 15 and never looked back as the Crimson Tide continued to unravel all night culminating in the World’s Most Hilarious Fake FG.

The real stars of the night were Clemson’s pair of True Freshman, Justyn Ross and Trevor Lawrence. Of course it’s the Freshman QB1 Sunshine Lawrence that’s getting all the plaudits but as far as star making turns, WR Ross was the true standout making a sensational catch after sensational catch all night long.

And yes Lawrence was spectacular too. Arm strength, vision, decision making – he’s got all the tools and the hair too.

Now for the crazy part. Because the NCAA is a cartel on par with the Five Families these two studs have to stay in college not one but TWO MORE YEARS. The Tigers are going to get three full seasons of a Lawrence-Ross tandem. Put that in your milkshake and drink it up.

But what about poor Nicky Poopy Pants and the Smelly Tide Nation. Well frankly it’s back to the drawing board. Herbie had a great point during the telecast when discussing how Alabama native Justyn Ross choose to leave the state and sign with Clemson. Seems turnover among the Bama coaching staff is extreme and recruits know that the guy giving them the hard sell in their living rooms are due to grab other jobs at a moments notice. Meanwhile the Clemson staff is currently one big happy family and even half players making recruiting pitches from the Trophy Podium:

Death Row in the House!!!!!

As a not so great man once said,

The Bama dynasty may have just meet their bitter end. We shall see.

All in all this was a pretty great College Football season. And if you were smart then you listened to Hi-Top all the way through the final game (nailed 2 out of 3 of our picks cuz of course we did) and right now you are sitting on a pile of cash. There’s no question we proved ourselves the Kings of College Football Picks the same way that Clemson proved themselves on the field. We’ll simply leave it to you dear reader to decide which was the greater accomplishment.

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