Weekend Winner – Just the Tip

Hi-Topper Nation! We survived Wild Card Weekend!!!!!

Bu wait. What’s a “Wild Card”???????

Well it seems some NFL teams don’t win their division every year and dominate their conference and get a playoff bye every year. Crazy I know.

And those unfortunate souls end up in the first round of the NFL playoffs.

Now stop the Lil’ Dogg if you’ve heard this one before but NFL football games kinda suuuuuuck. Sure there’s some NFL Stans out there like Our Friend Marty who just loves loves LOVES a 16-15 pro football barnburner. But check out these oh so exciting weekend scores:

To be fair the Bears/Eagles matchup did come down to the wire and that’s where our plot twist comes in. Bears kicker Cody Something was lambasted for appearing to have blown his chance to win the game with a Field Goal but upon further Internet review the game winning missed kick was actually BLOCKED:

The entire Internet now owes Cody Something an apology.

So as Internet Leaders we at Hi-Top on behalf of the World Wide Web offer you, Bears kicker Cody Something a heart felt, “Sorry dude.”

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