Hi-Top Golf – The Mad Scientist Predicts the Future

The 2019 PGA Tour season is kicking off this week in Hawaii with the Sentry Tournament of Champions. While the relatively small field of players makes this opening Tournament not fell like a true Tour experience, the happenings in Maui this weekend just might be a precursor to the year to come. Namely, how players are adjusting to the new rules and what effect they will have on the 2019 season.

The biggest talking point of the new rules has been the Flag Stick rule change. Players can now choose to leave the pin in while putting on the green. While most Pros have simply shrugged this change off, one man, ne one Scientist, has been running complex calculations to determine precisely how to take advantage of this seemingly innocuous rule change.

Of course we are talking about the Mad Scientist himself Bryson DeChambeau.

And guess who had the best putting round after Day 1.

Granted 1 day (and literally Day 1) of a long long season is not much to go on but some are already convinced that the Pin In revolution is here to stay.

We will see if Pin In catches on with more players as the Tournament progresses but as of now it is officially a thing that happens. So there’s that.

The verdict is out on most of the other rule changes, there’s some arcane tweaks to the OB rules that will make your head spin but there is one change that is adding a little bit of physical comedy to the otherwise normal day out on the course. The ball drop now looks ridiculous:

I suppose the change from shoulder to knee height was done to cut down on excessive rolling from the spot the ball lands but frankly making people bend and drop from the knee is just absurd. And I for one love it. Golf is absurd. That’s the whole point.

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