Best Of West Medfid: Early 90’s Edition

It’s 2019 now, which means 30 years ago(!) was 1989. That was such a great time. 1989-1994 was an incredible 5 year run, and there was no better place to come of age than West Medfid.

I was talking recently with a couple of my old Bulldogs (greatest CYO basketball team ever) teammates and the conversation quickly turned to out and out reminiscing about the old neighborhood, in the form of “What was the best ______….?”

That got me thinking, and I decided to start a Best of West Medford feature. Starting off with:

Best of West Medford (Early 90’s Edition) Part 1

Best Convenience Store

I’m allowing Shore Drug in this category, as they were an institution in the neighborhood and they were always a good stop for candy. The Spa was fine, but better if you’re a retired degenerate looking to kill 4 hours playing Keno.

The winner here is, hands down, Sunnyhurst. Especially when Ed was working…which was always. Unlimited squirts in your Slush Puppy. Selling lighters or giving matches to 12 year olds. How could you possibly go anywhere else???

Best Steak and Cheese

Everyone liked Amici’s, and for pizza or a chicken parm, it was a great spot, but not the best S&C. Jimmy’s, believe it or not, was the new kid on the block back then, and they hadn’t hit their prime yet.

My winner here, is Al’s. Before they were shut down for selling drugs, and honestly, probably would’ve eventually been shut down by the health department, this was THE SPOT for a killer steak and cheese. The rumor always was order it “with oregano”, but I cannot confirm or deny this.

Best Hill for Riding down with no hands

Some really solid choices here, proposed by Christian. Irving St was all steepness. It would get you going right away, and for a second it was really scary…but then it was over. Dead Man’s Hill was probably the first one you thought of. And it was awesome. In a vacuum was probably the best hill. It was long and steep, just enough fear, and there was always a story about so-and-so who “wiped out on Dead Man’s Hill”.

But, for my money, I’m taking my White Heat down Madison St. It had some of the elements of Dead Man’s, but with the added danger of dumping you out in the middle of Warren St. As you’re passing Gleason do you press on the rear brakes, or not???

Best Bus Route

The 95 would get you to Medford Square, which was fine, but if you take this all the way, you end up in…Sullivan Square. Yeah, all set with that. Not too many pre-teens hanging at the Mount Vernon. The 94 was much better, as the ultimate destination was Davis Square. But honestly, Davis Square wasn’t what it is now, and even if it was…if you’re 12, the Burren isn’t a hot spot.

The 134 was hands down the best bus in West Medfid. The bus took you through Medford Square, and onto the Meadow Glen Mall. McDonald’s for a Medfid Meal (Triple QP large size with the Larry Bird Dream Team Cup), Spencer Gifts for the latest Carmen Electra poster, and then on to Sam Goody? I’m all in on that.

Best/ Worst Idea for a Business

This isn’t even a competition, just a winner. Ghetto Supplies was such an awesome store in the early peak years of gangsta rap, and you were not cool if you didn’t shop there. But, between parents not letting their kids foot in the place, the staff’s utter lack of concern about parental advisory labels, and the neighborhood being understandably horrified, that store isn’t going to last. One week I’m buying 19 Naughty III, and the next week it’s boarded up. I’m not as surprised it closed as I am it ever opened in the first place. RIP Ghetto Supplies.

Stay tuned soon for the conclusion of Best of West Medfid: Early 90’s Edition

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