RIP to UCF – It was a Good Run

Listen up Hi-Topper Nation cuz the Lil’ Dogg has somethin’ to say –

🗣I admit it. I was wrong.

There. Are you happy?

The Lil’ Dogg is the type of pup who always admits his mistakes – just ask Mrs. Dogg, she’ll tell ya. I’m honest to a fault. When job interviewers ask “What are your weaknesses?” I say, “The Lil’ Dogg cares too much. I work too hard and darn it sometimes my enthusiasm, my hopes and dreams, my zest for life gets in the way of my intensely logical brain. Also I’m too punctual and people say I’m too much of a perfectionist who always wants to do my best. Those are my weaknesses.”

So the Lil’ Dogg is here to say, on this the second day of January 2019 (hey can you believe it’s 2019 like that’s sooooo weird right?) that this pup was mistaken about UCF.

The Fiesta Bowl got off to a good start for the Knights and preemptive gloating texts may have been sent but when reality set in it was clear that LSU was leagues ahead of our mid-major darlings.

Of course this all comes with the caveat that UCF was playing without their star QB1. But then again LSU were playing fourth stringers who have seen a lick of game action since they were high school studs so I suppose it’s all relative.

The Knights did manage to keep things respectable and the final score looks a whole heck of a lot better than what Notre Fake did against Clemson.

Can we at least all agree that the Irish will never never NEVER have a team that can compete for a National Championship and stop being fooled by undefeated regular seasons against Cupcake U.

The Knights defeat, while disheartening, does prove that this year’s team may have not been CFP worthy but the Lil’ Dogg stands firm that if you are going to have a multi-team playoff system at least one slot should go to the best deserving non-Power 5 team. In a perfect world this would happen in an 8 team playoff but even with just four slots if you are looking at multiple one or two loss teams than an undefeated mid-major deserves just as much a shot. The results of this past weekend prove as much.

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