RIP Hi-Top Legend Mean Gene Okerlund

It’s a sad day in the squared circle Hi-Top Nation:

Mean Gene (who really was quite nice ya know) Okerlund’s voice was the soundtrack to Saturday morning for a generation of kids who watched the WWF during its booming 80s heyday.

Mean Gene was not just the voice though. He was the conscience of the WWF. He was the audience’s surrogate, calling the wrestlers to task.

The tributes are already pouring in from across the wrestling world:

There’s a million Classic Mean Gene clips to choose from, failing down a WWF rabbit hole on YouTube is highly recommend but here’s just one showcasing the unbelievable chemistry Mean Gene had with Andre the Giant:

And of course the hand to the face visual that was an all-time moment:

Mean Gene proved that only a small part of Pro Wrestling’s appeal is in the actual wrestling. It’s theater. A soap opera for sports fans. And like all good dramas everyone needs to play their role. Mean Gene could stir the pot when needed, play the fall guy or just be there to bare witness with the rest of us. And no matter what his voice was always there, narrating and guiding us all.

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