The Christmas Meatball

There’s a million different Holiday Traditions out there. Every family has their own way of doing things. Quirky little idiosyncrasies that only they celebrate and enjoy.

One such tradition that was shared by those in the know for an all too brief period of time was the Christmas Meatball. And I miss it dearly.

The 30+ years David Letterman ruled late night television are littered with footnotes of weird and wacky moments. Every fan has their own favorites – this pup was always particularly fond of “Will It Float?” You had your staples, The Top 10 Lists, Stupid Human Tricks, etc, etc.

And there’s The Christmas Meatball.

Actor/Comedian Jay Thomas was a frequent guest on David Letterman’s show but he truly shined during Christmas time. Every December just before Christmas Jay Thomas would make an appearance to tell the Lone Ranger Story and then try to knock the Christmas Meatball out of the Late Show Christmas Tree with a football.

Like all great traditions the beginnings of the Christmas Meatball are shrouded in mystery (and Vinny Testaverde). But in the end the why never really matters. You do things because you enjoy them and Dave and Jay certainly enjoyed the Christmas Meatball. And so did we.

Sadly Thomas passed away in 2017 of Throat Cancer but he and the Christmas Meatball will never be forgotten.

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