Hi-Top Top 5 – Greatest Christmas Gifts of All-Time

Merry Christmas to all the Hi-Toppers that swing that way. And a Happy Holidays to all our brothers and sisters who celebrate anything and everything else. You know we don’t discriminate, we love everyone. So feel free to substitute whatever word you want for Christmas here as we take a look at the Top 5 Greatest Christmas/Holiday Gifts of All-Time.

*Of course this is super specific to basically boys aged 10 or so in 1988. I’m sure girls were salivating over some highly coveted Cabbage Patch Babies but that simply is not this pup’s wheelhouse.

**Reports of the Lil’ Dogg owning a Cabbage Patch doll are unconfirmed and will not be commented on.

5. WWF Wrestling Ring

First off it will always be WWF. And of all the WWF merch that flooded store shelves in the 80s, the wrestling ring was by far the must have item. And if you got the Steel Cage, oh boy, now you were King of the Neighborhood.

4. Mongoose BMX Bike

There were a lot of kids getting BMX bikes in the 80s but if you didn’t get a Mongoose than was it worth it at all. Mongoose was THE BIKE TO HAVE. Sure a Redline was okay and a Diamond Back wasn’t bad but a Mongoose. Now we’re talking. You could immediately tell who the lucky SOBs were that got a Mongoose cuz those were the kids cruising the neighborhood Christmas morning even if it was 15 degrees and snowing outside.

3. Electric Football

This thing was cool as hell and super fun to set up. And then you plugged it in and tried to play and well that was the end of the fun cuz the guys just spun around in circles and it was nothing like any form of football that has ever been played. But seeing this thing under the tree Christmas morning, that was the peak. The possibilities of this being the greatest toy ever were still there. And then you opened it.

2. NES

Volumes have been written about the revolution of the NES in the 1980s but unless you lived it you really don’t know. And never will.

1. G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier

A mild surprise here at number 1. A lot of folks probably figured the NES was a lock for the top spot but the fact is that getting an NES for Christmas was not that surprising. In fact it was pretty routine. But getting the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier was simply unheard of. Every kid wanted one but reports of any kid actually getting one are still unconfirmed. I knew a pretty fair amount of kids in 1985 and I never met one who had this thing. It was rarer than the Hearst Diamond. And for that reason it lands at #1. It was the ultimate dream gift.

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