Hi-Top Top 5 Stones Songs (that are better than anything the Beatles ever did)

Rolling Stones >>>>>>>>>> Beatles

And the truth is it’s not even really a contest if you are actually being honest. Sure the Beatles wrote some nice novelty kids nursery rhymes that have a pleasant melody but if you are talking about actual rock n roll music it’s the Stones by a country mile.

And to prove this point the Lil’ Dogg presents to you the Top 5 Stones Songs (that are way better than any Beatles song)

5. I Am Waiting

There’s more emotional resonance in this 3 minute song than there is in the entire Beatles catalog. This is longing. This is yearning. This is real. The Beatles were a Hallmark Card. The Stones were a gut wrenching soul punch of a true love letter.

4. She’s So Cold

Maybe not the Stones last great song – that’s Mixed Emotions. Start Me Up could have been slotted here too but She’s So Cold is a personal fave. There’s quite a few swingin’ rockers that could be slotted in here – Shattered, Tumbling Dice, Jumpin Jack Flash, etc but She’s So Cold swings just the right way for this pup.

3. Let’s Spend the Night Together

This is a better song than Satisfaction. In fact Satisfaction is secretly waaaay overrated. In double fact Otis Redding’s Satisfaction is better than the Stones version. But back to LSTNT, this song rips. The piano in this song is a beast. The Beatles wished they could rock n roll like this.

2. Get Off Of My Cloud

Just an absolute killer riff. Possibly the Lil’ Dogg’s favorite rock riff ever. Once again waaay better than the Satisfaction riff. Keef just kills it on this one.

1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Hey look it’s the entire 1960s experience summed up in one video.

And here’s the full studio epic:

Is this the greatest song of the 20th Century? It’s certainly in the conversation. It’s huge. It’s epic. It’s also personal and quiet and small. It’s emotional. It’s cathartic. It’s literally all of human existence summed up in one song.


No, you can’t always get what you want

You can’t always get what you want

You can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometime you find

You get what you need

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