Weekend Winner – Time

Happy Monday Hi-Topper Nation!

What a time to be alive! Or more accurately what a time to be “time” cuz “time” is having a moment.

First the TimeLord took the world by storm causing mass hysteria across the Internet.

Robert TimeLord Williams has about 354 blocks over the last two Celtics games and people went nuts.

The TimeLord nickname has actually been around for a minute for those of us in the know but the mainstream “normals” are just now catching on and oh boy has that been a ride. You know when something final crosses the gilded high throne desk of Bill Simmons that you’ve reached peak Internet. And now apparently Danny Ainge and friends are trying to end all the fun because of course they are by banning the nickname from being used on Celtic broadcasts. Which is all well and good but guess what? Robert Williams is the TimeLord.

Next up is your still undefeated World Champion – Father Time.

Father Time took down the GOAT this weekend as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost their second in a row, this time to their usual punching bags, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Patriot Nation was not happy, especially Frank down at the Bar:

Brady had the ball in his hands at the end of the Fourth Quarter but just could not muster up his usual magic, throwing three straight incompletions to end the game.

As Hootie so eloquently sang, “Time why you punish me…”

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