SNL and Matt Damon Re-Spark The Great Weezer Debate

Saturday Night Live has been pretty hit or miss for…oh I don’t know…the last 25 years or so but this past weekend they hit a grand slam ding dong with this Matt Damon/Leslie Jones bit about Weezer:

And like all great art this sketch is funny cuz it’s true. This is pretty much spot on how any conversation between rock nerds goes when it comes to Weezer. Fairly certain the Lil’ Dogg and The Sophomore have acted out this one out a half dozen times over the years ourselves.

And the best part is depending on the year or the day or even the mood you’re in you could easily end up on either side of this argument.

From 2002-2016 this pup was firmly on Team Pinkerton. Maladroit was by far the most disappointing musical purchase I have ever made. So much so that I held it against the band for 14 years and refused to listen to anything post Pinkerton. But then in a moment of kindness I let my guard down and tried the White Album in 2016. I was blown away. There are tracks on that release that are easily the quality of Weezer’ 90s output.

This pup thought Weezer was Capital B BACK. Then I heard “Africa”.

Now I get why people like Weezer’s “Africa”. And that’s mainly because it is EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL AWESOME SONG. Weezer did literally nothing to enhance their cover. All they did was not screw it up. Which is something I guess but if you are talking about a great cover song then something “great” needs to be done to an already great song. And that is not the case with Weezer’s “Africa”.

And so the debate rages on. At least we can all agree that Pinkerton is better than the Blue Album right?


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