Hi-Top Top 7 Christmas Movie Villains

A Christmas movie is not a good Christmas movie without a villain. Whether the villain ends up being transformed into a Christmas junkie, or falling off Nakatomi Tower, ultimately, the Spirit of Christmas needs to win out in the end to make it a true classic. 

Over here at HTTA HQ we’ve combed through every Christmas movie ever – including all 650 Hallmark Channel Movies starring Candace Cameron-Bure –  and we now present to you, the 

Top 7 Christmas Movie Villains

7. Ebenezer Scrooge

The OG

Got to start with the OG. This dude laid the blueprint for Christmas villains with a simple nonsensical turn of phrase, and never looked back. I’m also pretty sure he’s way into hallucinogens,  and/or extremely manic…he should see the Dr. immediately. Nevertheless, Christmas movies wouldn’t exist without him. 

6. Bumble

You may not be able to see Bumble on TV ever again because of the outcry to ban Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from networks because of bullying. WTF is wrong with people?! Anyhow, just watch this video…this dude is downright terrifying. Gritty can suck it…Bumble is the best monster, and that’s a FACT. 

5. Scut Farkus

Who else in the history of the world has been named “Scut”? It’s such a terrible name, and reserved for one of the most terrible villains of all time. There is nothing better than watching Ralphie unleash his fists of fury on Farkus, and my favorite thing about it is there is absolutely ZERO redemption for him. Dude gets his ass beat, and that’s basically the last you hear of him. 

4. Stripe

Nothing ruins Christmas like an army of tiny murderous creatures running wild in town…and nothing is worse than having said army led by a psycho with a mohawk. Say what you want about Stripe…straight up badass. Screw Gizmo #TeamStripe

3. The Grinch

Controversial slot here for The Grinch…arguably the most famous movie villain, and #1 on most internet lists. He is so famous that his name has become a common word. Here’s the thing, though, his beef wasn’t necessarily with Christmas. He just hated the Who’s, and their incessant cheer. I fell ya, my brother from a Green mother. We’ve all had those neighbors who are just a little “too much”. Arguments with neighbors are the #3 leading cause of serious injury among suburban men*. I totally get how a guy would be pushed to the point where he’d set out to destroy his neighbors’ holiday. 

*made up statistic

2. Hans Gruber

First, some housekeeping. Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, if you don’t agree you are in the wrong place. Hans is one of the great movie villains of all time, so why isn’t he #1 on the list?  Well, he fell short on adding some good old fashioned Christmas flair to his plan. The “terrorists” sneak in as security guards…humbug! We’ve seen that 1,000 times, Hans. Why not show up as Santa and his Elves, there to spread cheer to the office Christmas party? Or would it kill you to throw on a reindeer sweater?

Number 1: The Wet Bandits

Harry and Marv are the ultimate Christmas movie villains…if you disagree, it’s ok. You are entitled to be wrong. 

These guys are pure evil, to the core. They are committed to their craft, so much so that they are apparently willing to kidnap, seriously injure, or perhaps murder a suddenly orphaned 8 year old on Christmas Eve. It does not get more Christmas villain-y than that. And as far as the enjoyability-to-watch-o-meter…they are an 11 out of 10. Harry is the smart one, and rips off some tremendous one liners at Marv’s expense, but as it turns out, he’s every bit the moron his partner is. They are the perfect duo, and have all the ingredients to share the #1 spot atop our list. 


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