Hi-Top Top 10 Songs of the Year

”Tis the season for “Year End Best of…” lists. Some would say it’s the greatest season of all.

Last December a tradition was born and like all great traditions it must be repeated until it becomes problematic. The one and only Lil’ Dogg breaks down the 10 Best Songs of the Year…that didn’t actually come out during this particular year cuz new music kinda mostly sucks.*

*There’s a twist. Read on to find out.

Lil’ Dogg’s 2018 Top 10 Damn Good Songs

10. Catch Me I’m Falling

This is what we like to call a Roller Skating Rink Jam and this Pretty Poison banger will have you twirling and sliding and gliding all over the place.

9. Save it for Later

The (English) Beat ladies and gentlemen! The Lil’ Dogg went through a ska/2 Tone phase big time in 2018 and The Beat were some real rude boys.

8. Stay With Me

At certain moments in time The Faces are the greatest rock band to ever exist. This is one of those moments.

7. King of Wishful Thinking

Is this the best “pop” song ever written? Me thinks it just might be.

6. Makes No Difference

Sometimes stupid dumb fun pop punk is all you need.

5. Seein’ Red

The shoulda been could been greatest alt rock song that no one heard. This song should have made Unwritten Law the edgier version of Jimmy Eat World. Sadly it did not.

4. Alive & Kicking

Hot Take Alert – Simple Minds is a waaaaay better band than U2. The drum break in this song might be the peak musical moment of the 80s.

3. Cream

There only one word to describe this Prince masterpiece – scandalous.

2. Love It If We Made It

Shocker – an actual honest to God new song that’s pretty damn great. Not everything these dudes do is gold but this song by The 1975 is pure pop bliss.

1. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Lil’ Dogg Confession – Less Than Jake are a Top 5 Personal Fav Band for this pup. I don’t care who knows it. Ska is great. Ska Punk is better and Less Than Jake are the best. Hello Rockview is a stone cold classic. Facts is facts and THAT IS A FACT.

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