Counter-Point – The Babe would take Ottavino to the Moon (and then steal his girl)

Apparently some jabroni named Adam Ottavino thinks he’s better than Babe Ruth!


Le Cap, our resident Hard Ball expert, had his Hot Take yesterday and he actually agreed with this nutbag?!?!?!?

Now listen, the Lil’ Dogg has nothin’ but ‘spect for our Capitaine. The dude knows baseball better than anyone this side of Peter Gammons. But on this one I gotta call “strike three you’re out!”.

We’re taking about Babe Frickin’ Ruth here folks. The Great Bambino.

First off the Babe went up to the plate with a goddamn tree trunk in his hands. His bat weighed about 15 pounds.

Secondly, let’s talk about baseballs – as in the actual ball being hit. The Babe mightaswell have been knocking bean bags out of the park. The ball in 1929 was softer than a hackey sack and the guy is hitting 500 foot home runs. And you didn’t need some nerdtastic Exit Velocity BS to know he was hitting rockets to the moon cuz guess what – the ballparks were the size of Montana and Right Field fences were about two miles from Home Plate. And the Babe still hit more ding dongs than the rest of the Majors combined.

So here’s what would have happened if you took the Babe and put him up to bat against this joker Ottavino in 2018 (cuz God knows Ottavino wouldn’t last 30 seconds in 1929 without an iPhone and kale salad). First Babe would have told the Bat Boy to fuck off when he tried to give him some little twig to take up to bat. He’d grab his tree trunk and head up to the plate. Next he’d let little Adam get two strikes just to make the Snowflake feel good and then he’d send his 94 mph sinker about 450 feet into the Right Field bleachers. The Babe would trot around the bases, cross Home Plate then head directly to Adam Ottavino’s girl (and if the loser doesn’t have one the Babe’d just take Ottavino’s mom) give her one wink then they’d head off to the nearest steak house for a Porterhouse and a hundred beers.

This dude Ottavino is 17-20 for his career. He plays for Team Italy cuz he can’t break in to the Team USA roster. And he has the gall, the nerve, the audacity to say he’d strike out BABE FUCKING RUTH!!!!!!!!!

Get the hell out of here Adam Ottavino and don’t ever mention the Babe again cuz you don’t even deserve to think about the Babe let alone talk shit.

Adam Ottavino striking out BABE RUTH?!?!?!???!?!不不不

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