This One’s for the Haters – Robert Williams Has a Night w/ Bonus Timelord nickname explanation

Robert Williams has arrived.

And God willing Coach Brad won’t be sending him back to Maine anytime soon now that the world has seen the Timelord* in action.

*More on the whole Timelord thing in a bit.

Listen up folks (👀 directly at you Benny Gloves) when it comes to Robert Williams the Lil’ Dogg has been the ONE TRUE BELIEVER for a long time:

And last night against the Pels it all came to fruition:

The stats aren’t crazy. He didn’t go for 40 or get a Triple Double. No. ITS HOW HE PLAYS THE GAME!!!!

Yes Robert Williams is an outrageous athlete who just blocked the otherwise unblockable Anthony Davis TWICE. Yes. That did happen.


Robert Williams is an exceptional passer of the basketball. Robert Williams knows the game. He knows who to get the ball to. He knows when to kick an offensive rebound back out. This man is not a one dimensional shot blocker.

The only question is whether he will get the opportunity with the Celtics. Last night 4 regulars were out. Baynes is coming back soon. YABU eventually. The minutes are limited. Will Williams continue to get his chance??????

That’s for the coaching staff to decide so for now let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Not only was last night Robert Williams’s coming out party but it was also the national debut of his Timelord nickname. The name spread like wildfire and even reached the elite 1%er Celtic fans like Bill Simmons. But the fact is the name has been bouncing around Celtic Twitter for quit a while now and is nothing new.

Weird Celtic Twitter (WCT)

There’s a lot of tiny sub cultures that exist on Twitter and one of them is a very strange, subversive cross section of Celtic Fans that have been dubbed Weird Celtic Twitter.

The ringleader of this loosely connected crew is a (presumably) human man who goes by the name The Riffs Man. The Riffs Man likes funk music, Surrealist Art, cocaine and Boston Celtic basketball. He dislikes Fascists, racism and cowards who won’t shot the three.

The Riffs Man is the originator of the Timelord nickname (and not Max Lederman as Scal suggested on the TV broadcast tho in his defense Max quickly acknowledged The Riffs Man on Twitter).

The Timelord name came about during Robert Williams refusal to adhere to normal time and space dimensions when it came to showing up for practices or plane flights (i.e. he was often late to things).

Surreal Memes (a Weird Celtic Twitter staple) were created and six months later the rest of the world caught up to what The Riffs Man and the WCT were doing.

The WCT is not for the faint of heart. No cowards allowed. But it is full of diehard Celtic fans who truly shape the fandom around the team and they deserve respect for what they do.

All hail the The Riffs Man.

The Timelord’s time is now (and always has been).


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