Adam Ottovino Would Absolutely Dominate Babe Ruth ‘Every Time’.

Free Agent reliever- and rumored likely next Red Sox’ closer- Adam Ottovino, said on an MLB Podcast that he would “strike out Babe Ruth” every time.

And you know what….I agree with him. Well, maybe not every time, the big boy might run into one or two…but a solid 50-75% of the time.

Pitchers were dogshit back then compared to what they are now. They had those stupid “old man in the backyard” windups. They probably topped out at 75, and never struck anyone out. Cy Young himself averaged 3.4 K/ 9 innings. That’s why the guys back then could make 50 starts and go the distance every time. It’s not because they were tough and  guys today are pussies…it’s because that’s what they were trained to do 80-100 years ago. Throw some fancy junk up there, let the guys try to get hits, and conserve energy. Guys of today are trained to go max effort, and dominate on every pitch.

This doesn’t even mention the obvious fact that Babe Ruth played without having to face any black players, and very few Latin Americans…as long as their skin was light enough. 

Add it all up, and Babe Ruth would have had a stroke if he saw Adam Ottavino’s sinker coming in at 94…let’s face it, it’s a miracle that fat bastard didn’t have a stroke every time he rounded the bases after hitting one of his fraudulent home runs.

Now, if you want to say, the greats then would be great if they were born now, raised in today’s game, with today’s “training methods”, knowledge, etc….and that may be true. But do we think for one second Babe Ruth would fall into that category???

No freakin’ way. He would’ve drank himself out of the mid-minors, and would be the greatest beer league softball player this side of Tufts Park.

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