NBA REWIND – He’s Crafty -Luka Doncic Goes Off

The Kid can ball y’all:

From Step Back 3’s:

To Full Court Heaves:

Luka Doncic did it all last night during the Mavs win over the Portland Trail Blazers. Peep the full highlights here:

Doncic led the Mavericks with 21 points and grabbed 9 boards as well. He’s now averaging 18/6/4 on the season through 22 games. Not too shabby for a 19 year old from Slovenia huh.

The beautiful thing about Luka’s game is it ain’t that beautiful at all. Sure there’s moments of grace like that ultra smooth step back but the majority of his moves are just utilitarian. He does what needs to be done in whatever way works – a Euro Step here, a floater there, up and under, ball fakes, flicks and tricks.

“He’s crafty, he gets around.

He’s crafty, he’s always down.”

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