Music Legends to Tour in 2019

Look out Rolling Stones….

Hootie and the Blowfish are reuniting for a 2019 Tour.

This is huge. I’m entering my age 40 concert-going season, and it doesn’t get any better than a chance to rock out to a band who peaked in during my concert-going prime.

I saw Darius and the boys on the Cracked Rear View tour  in ’95 (and later the Fairweather Johnson tour), and back then I was hesitant to admit it. They weren’t hard like Metallica, alt-y like Live, punky like Greenday or good musician-y like Dave… but lemme learn you a little something…those dudes put on a great show.

They fully won over an up-and-coming Le Cap. Turned me from a reluctant listener, to an unabashed fan. I loved Dan Marino in the “Only Wanna Be With You” video. I perpetuated the rumor (perhaps started by old friend of the blog, Rick Griffin) that a young Darius Rucker tried out for the Dolphins but failed to make the team…hence, the Dolphins made him cry. I loved Hey, Hey What Can I Do on the Zeppelin tribute album.

I even like his country music…and I hate country.

And, honestly, let’s just face it, Hootie is just cool. That’s right, I call him Hootie even though I am aware “Hootie & The Blowfish” is the name of the band, and there is no singular Hootie. I don’t care. I’m a superfan, I can do what I want.

So, I’ll see u there on August 3rd in Mansfield. Keep an eye out for the HTTA Tailgate. Lil Dogg is clearly on board, as he posted his Top 5 Hootie Songs

If you’re not a Hootie fan- as if that’s possible- watch this video and tell me with a straight face it’s not Top 10 All time. Marino, Olberman and Patrick cameo… with catchprases!!! And Freddie BOOM BOOM Couples. And Alex English, apparently. Its still 🔥🔥🔥En Fuego

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