Weekend Winner- Nick “Poop Head” Saban

Well it happened again. Georgia dominates Alabama for 99.9% of the game only to end up the loser.

Did Kirby “Not So” Smart call the worst fake punt of all-time? Probably yes.

Are the Georgia Bulldogs cursed? No. They just need to close out a friggin’ ball game.

Is this whole post just an excuse to post a picture of Nick Saban with his head replaced by poop? You’re damn right it is.

But the Lil’ Dogg digresses cuz the past is the past and forward we move so it’s on to the latest National Disgrace.

The College Football Playoffs could have 4 undefeated teams competing for the Title but instead we get 3. At least all four three teams are Conference Champs and Notre Dame is unbeaten so I suppose it’s the second best scenario.

The Matchups

Alabama v Oklahoma

Clemson v Notre Dame

I’d like to believe OU can give Bama a run for its money but in order for that to happen Kyler Murray is going to have to pull a Money Manziel and just go nuts and be unstoppable in a way that keeps the Sooners close.

The real treat looks like the Tigers versus the Irish. Should be a real ball game.

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