Checking in on Gordo

We are 23 games into the Boston Celtics 2018-19 Championship Season so its only fitting to do a little “Check In” on the season so far.

How is Gordon Hayward Lookin’

The Good News – Gordo had his best game of the young year against the Minnesota Timberlakes on Saturday night:

Gordo was active and involved and most importantly- he was assertive.

Historic too (according to Tomek who I trust completely):

And it’s not just the one game against Minnesota. It’s a trend:

This is very good news for Celtic Nation. The team is 13-10 and frankly has not looked great Bob.

Gordo is attempting to come back from a MAJOR injury and while everyone knows it’s all a “process” and will take “time” the most concerning aspects of his early season play weren’t physical limitations but rather mental deficiencies. He seemed tentative. Unsure. He would give up the ball quickly and then disappear on offense. He didn’t trust himself. He also looked like he didn’t know how to fit in to a team that made it to Game 7 of the ECF without him.

Watching the team that you were supposed to lead succeed while you sit on the sidelines would shake anyone’s confidence so it’s understandable that Gordo would return with some issues.

The Bench

Gordon’s uptick in performance has coincided with the decision to bring him of the bench. Will this be permanent? No. But it’s nice to see that the experiment both worked and went down with no controversy. Not many “Star” player would even entertain the thought let alone embrace the idea.

The Future

The Celtics need to go on a run. They desperately need an extended winning streak. First off they need the wins. Anything lower than a #2 seed is unacceptable. Secondly exerting their dominance will boast their own egos and reassert their place in the East over some certain other teams.

This needs to happen NOW.

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