Hi-Top Bets – #BeAdvised about Our Power 5 Conference Championship Picks

The Regular Season is over folks and we here at Hi-Top Bets HQ are prepared to humbly declare our first season of College Football Betting a raging success.


That’s some serious winning folks and with Conference Championship and then Bowl Season upon us the Money is only going to continue to pile up.

Power 5 Picks

This Weekend we are going to focus like friggin sharks with laser beams on the Big 5. Le Cap and the Dogg have combined our powers like the Wonder Twins and activated all the wins.

Big 12

Texas v Oklahoma OVER 78

Starting off with a curveball. We don’t normally play the O/U game but this one is too sweet to resist. Take a look at Sooners scores throughout the season and they read more like basketball results. They put up points and give em up too. Eight OU games in a row have gone over. Grab this while you can.

Pac 12

Utah v Washington (-5.5)

The Huskies are rolling after taking down their interstate highway rivals last week. UDub started the season with National Title hopes. A PAC 12 title will have to do.


Pitt v Clemson (-27.5)

Double up. Triple up. Quadruple up on this one folks. Tigers by 100.

Big 10

Northwestern v Ohio State (-14.5)

Cinderella’s season turns back into a pumpkin. The Buckeyes roll.


Alabama v Georgia (+13.5)

Call us crazy (again) but the Bulldogs keep this one close.

Bonus Jonas

Memphis v UCF (-3)

The Knights May have lost their QB but they will never lose their freedom undefeated season.

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