Must See – Golf Pro Snaps Club Mid Swing

Australian Pro John Senden had what might be the craziest stroke penalty of all-time when his drivers shaft snapped in his hands mid swing:

And here it is in Super SLO-MO:

We have some #BigHitters here at Hi-Top HQ and whenever we head out to ruin a nice walk with a round on the links you know we are out there generating some serious #ClubHeadSpeed but what ol’ John Senden pulled off Down Under was some next level stuff. That club snapped right in the middle of his grip?!?!?!??! We’ve seen club heads go flying from time to time but generating enough force to get your shaft to break right in your hands, man Senden must have doubled up on his breakfast Vegemite sandwich. That was some serious chundering right there folks. But I guess that’s just what happens when you come from A Land Down Under.

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