Hi-Top Golf – Little Rickie is All Growns Up. Assessing @RickieFowler as He Turns 30

Every hungry young phenom eventually becomes just another veteran pro. This time it’s Rickie Fowler’s turn.

Rickie burst on to the pro scene back in 2009 after two years as the #1 ranked amateur in the World. He was the PGA Rookie of the Year, has 8 pro wins (all Tours included) and a Top 3 in each of the Four Majors. Sounds pretty solid but if you ask the average golf fan about Rickie they probably still picture him like this:

The shaggy haired Justin Bieber looking hot shot wearing bright colors who looked so out of place among the traditional straight laced PGA Pros.

Rickie was the player the youngsters loved and the middle aged fans loved to complain about. He was also supposed to be The Next Big Star. The guy who could cross over like Tiger and bring in the non-golf fans.

So 9 years in – where are we at?

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that this first stretch of Fowler’s career has been underwhelming if not outright disappointing. 4 PGA Tour wins puts him behind guys who are younger than him like Patrick Reed (6) and Justin Thomas (9) who both have Majors as well. And that’s not even mentioning young guns like Bryson and Brooks who have passed Rickie by as well.

The Good News – Rickie is due for a Major. A 2nd in last years Masters and as previously mentioned – Top 3’s in all the others. When it’s all said and done, Majors are all that really matter and if Rickie can grab one this year it turns the whole trajectory of his career around.

30 is a big year for everyone whether you’re Gwen Stefani or Jesus himself, your 30th birthday is when you start to find yourself and your place in the world.

Will Rickie’s Return of Saturn bring trophies or just more missed opportunities? We shall find out.

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