Ballin’ with Bol Bol

Sure Zion is fun and all but real hoop heads know this college basketball season is all about Bol Bol.

Bol is the 7 foot 3 inch son of NBA legend Manute Bol and while he may not be as tall as his father, Bol Bol has a little bit (just a little) more meat on his bones and more importantly a whole arsenal of basketball weapons.

The best thing about Bol is that when you watch him he appears to be approaching the game of basketball like he just laid eyes on a basketball for the first time 20 minutes before the game.

And that’s not a criticism folks. That’s a compliment. Bol Bol reinvents the game every time he steps on the court.

“How about I just shot from here”:

“Don’t worry I’ll just cover this entire side of the court guys”:

“Why can’t I just dribble the ball up the court myself?”:

“How about I score all the points?”:

These are things a 7 foot 3 center should not even be thinking about let alone doing.

Durant is a traditional Shooting Guard that just happens to be 7 feet tall. Embiid is a Center who likes to pretend to be a Guard. Porzingis is a really tall Power Forward. People like to call them Unicorns and whatever else but they are really pretty traditional players that just happen to be super athletic for their ridiculous size.

Bol Bol is a true Unicorn. He’s a gangly bean pole who shoots his jumper like he’s in a Shot Put competition. Other times he just flicks the ball like he’s inventing shooting for the first time. He seems to be making up his game as he goes just doing whatever he feels will work in that moment. Bol Bol is unencumbered by the neither the traditions of basketball nor the laws of physics.

On the basketball court Bol Bol does whatever Bol Bol damn well pleases and that’s a beautiful thing.

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