NHL: 101 Years Built on a Lie

On this day, 101 years ago, The National Hockey League was born.

Happy Birthday, NHL.

NHL cake.jpg

But this isn’t just a sappy, happy birthday piece about America’s 4th most popular professional sport. Oh no. This is an EXPOSE on the outright fraud that the NHL has long perpetrated on sports fans.

Below is a list of the ORIGINAL hockey teams for the NHL’s inaugural season:

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Wanderers

Ottawa Senators

Quebec Bulldogs

Toronto Arenas

That’s it…the ORIGINAL FIVEnot SIX. And only one of these teams is actually part of the “Original Six” as the league acknowledges it today.



So what is all this Original Six, bullshit, you ask?

It’s basically a giant PR cover-up for the disaster that was the first 25 years of the league. Franchises going broke and leaving the league, arenas burning down causing teams to go out of business, teams refusing to compete for the league Championship unless they received bonus payments…it was a giant cluster F.

But of course…Gary Betteman and his henchman don’t want you to know anything about any of that. They want you to buy into the “Original Six” fairytale…

NHL Fraud

Well, not here at HTTA.

We have our legal department hard at work, and expect to have an announcement soon about HTTA becoming the Official Blog of the Original Five NHL Teams.

We will never forget! Even though I really just found out about this today.


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