Exclusive Investigation into the Financials of Adventure Bay’s Rescue Services Budget

Extravagant purchases. Outlandish spending. Near constant upgrading and acquisition of high tech vehicles and equipment. Top Secret international trips . Unchecked authority and unilateral decision making.

If that sounds to you like government spending gone out of control then you are not alone.

There have been a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding the extreme spending habits of Adventure Bay’s Rescue Services. Over sight of executive budgetary decisions appears to be non-existent. What started as a simple Fire/Police/Rescue service has now ballooned to an all encompassing globe spanning Air/Sea/Land Para-Military Organization and the citizens rightly want answers. Well thanks to some deep cover research as well as a recent data dump of formerly restricted government documents we here at Hi-Top HQ have been able to piece together a complete picture of this highly organized and extremely well funded government faction know as the PAW Patrol.

Major Acquisitions and their Funding

Let’s set aside the debate on whether or not a local municipal rescue service actually needs a military grade Jet Plane, a multipurpose seafaring vessel and an 18 wheel mobile command center capable of traveling across continents at their disposal and rather focus on the funding for these vehicles.

The PAW Patrol is nominally a public service outfit so one would be correct in assuming public funds are its only budgetary source. Adventure Bay is a nice community, it’s residents mostly middle class workers. These citizens would not be able to afford an outrageous tax base simply to fund a somewhat superfluous rescue service. However unlike the residents of neighboring town Foggy Bottom, the citizens of Adventure Bay do seem to favor using the PAW Patrol over “normal” services such as the Police Department. In fact it seems that the PAW Patrol is so vital to the welfare of Adventure Bay that it has completely absorbed all duties that would otherwise fall to a service such as the Fire or Police Departments. Therefore they have also absorbed those departments budgets and funding.

Outside Sources of Funding

One of the major findings of our in-depth investigation is the discovery of several off the books, black ops missions conducted by the PAW Patrol at the request of the Republic of Barkingburg.

These missions were highly secretive and more importantly highly compensated.

Ancient Artifacts and Treasures

Recently de-classified documents show that the PAW Patrol has been involved in several valuable discoveries. The unearthing of Outlaw Wild Wilbur’s Lost Treasure has been estimated at $500 million. See below:

In addition the PAW Patrol also discovered the legendary ship of Captain Blackfur containing roughly $1.2 billion in gold, jewels and artifacts.

It was shortly after these discoveries that the PAW Patrol began acquiring their big ticket vehicles as previously listed as well as developing their own internal technology:


Our investigation concludes that the PAW Patrol currently has an estimated $2 Billion in assets at their disposal as well as an ongoing contract for services with the Republic of Barkingburg. So while it may seem from the outside that the PAW Patrol is yet another out of control government agency it is actually quite solvent and self sufficient.

However it must be noted that this report was only an investigation into the financial underpinnings of the PAW Patrol and should in no way be read as a recommendation for other towns to place their rescue services into the control of a ten year old boy and his puppies.

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