Hi-Top Golf – The Fisherman is BACK!!!! Ho Sung Choi Wins!

Ho Sung Choi – the Fisherman- who captured the hearts of Golf fans the world over last summer with his electric swing took the title at this weekend’s Casio World Open in Japan and to say it was the greatest victory in golf history would be an understatement.

Just watch The Fisherman in action:

If this victory doesn’t qualify Choi for some dates on the PGA Tour than there really is no God cuz this man NEEDS to grace American soil. The Tour is desperate for some personality to break through all the cookie cutter robots currently stalking up and down US fairways. The fact that Tiger and Phil are still the biggest draws in the game despite all the young talent around means these guys may be able to hit a great shot but they are swinging and missing with the fans.

Get The Fisherman to America ASAP!!!!

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