Best Bets for Tiger v Phil

Today is the day…the Match

Of course we wish this happened 15 years ago when both guys were at their peaks, but it didn’t. Get over it. It’s happening today, and we can still enjoy the hell out of it. While the guys seem like they’ve become friendlier rivals than in the past, they are two of the more driven and competitive golfers in recent memory. And as we know, golf is a game of betting. That’s how golfers’ competitive nature manifests itself….bets, bets, bets.

With that in mind, here are my favorite bets for today’s match at Shadow Creek.


the match

Overall Winner: 

Tiger is a 1/2 favorite at this point. And call me crazy, but that’s still great value. Tiger is the FAAAR better player at this point, and is the greatest front runner in the history of the sport. Lay the cash…easy money.

Pick: Tiger -220


Prop Bets:


Tiger Hits First Fairway:  No +140

Good value here, pick up some cash early. I see him being a little jacked up, and pushing one right…he’ll still half the hole, no worries.


Will there be a hole in one:  No -1000

Absolute lock of the century right here. If you lose this, you’re just cursed, and there is nothing I can do to help you. Risking 1K to win 100 sounds scary, but a) if you’ve been following our college football picks you have plenty of bankroll and b) take advantage of the rubes who know nothing about golf betting on a hole-in-one.


Amount of Largest Side Bet:  Over 50K

Truth be told, I need to do more research here and see if this line still stands, because I think they’ve already bet 200K on the first hole. Bury the over.


Times Tiger twirls his club:  Over 3.5

Another instance where you BURY the over. The last time we saw Tiger he was playing as well as he has in years, especially with his irons. He is also going to looking for every advantage over, and giving a little twirl when he’s sticking it inside 10 feet is going to put Tiger squarely in Phil’s head.


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