Hi-Top Golf – This List of the 10 Best Phil Shots Gets it All Wrong

The Promo Machine is working at full 100% capacity drumming up interest for The Match between Tiger and Phil. And out of promo overdrive we get “The 10 Best Shots of Phil Mickelson’s Career”:

This is great and all and seeing a pudgy young Lefty putting his first pro win trophy on his head is hilariously nerdy but facts is facts and the fact is this list is all out of whack.

The Actual #1 Best Phil Shot

#6 should have been #1. At The Memorial in 2006 Phil has a plugged lie uphill. Just look at this stance:

And he doesn’t just hole the damn thing, he hits it dead perfect. This isn’t luck. This is pure short game skill.

The Most Ridiculous Phil Shot

Phil’s 1995 hole in one is by far the most absurd shot of his career and should have come in at #2 not #5. The ball is heading in the complete opposite direction of the flag and somehow still goes in:

The Coolest Shot of Phil’s Career

The Lil’ Dogg loves loves LOVES a Flop Shot. I’d trade a 300+ drive for a sweet Flop any day of the week. Lefty is the Flop Shot Master and #7 is a beauty:

Straight up, straight down to an inch of the cup. Nothing sweeter.

God I love a Flop.

Honestly we are talking Phil Mickelson here. The whole damn list should have been 10 chips, pitches and flops. It’s what the man does.

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