At least we still have the Sixers to laugh at

Here’s a bad joke I just made up:

What did the Doctor say when the Sixers First Round Draft Pick walked into a Bar?

“He’ll be out 6-8 months, maybe longer, we don’t know.”

The Philadelphia 76ers are cursed y’all.

The ongoing Markelle Fultz Conundrum just keeps getting weirder. And now we have attorneys involved????

“At the direction of his attorney”?!?!?!?!?!??!? What the efff does that mean???????

Is Markelle planning on suing the Sixers?????? Please let him sue the Sixers. We need the details of this tragic tail preserved by a court reporter for all of eternity.

Next up, the Sixers 2018 First Round Pick Zaire Smith.

This is the list of recent Sixer First Round picks who have sat out their (basically) entire first year:

2018 – Zhaire Smith

2017 – Markelle Fultz

2016 – Ben Simmons

2014 – Joel Embiid

2013 – Nerlens Noel


It’s really and truly mind boggling. There isn’t another team in the whole league who’s even had 1 first round pick miss an entire season and they’ve had 5 in 5 years!!!!!

(Okay fine not technically true – there was a few like Blake Griffin and Greg Oden but 5 in 5 years for the SAME TEAM!! Come on!!)

Who knows what’s actually going on here cuz the Fultz thing has been just plain weird but Smith getting sick off a sesame allergy and losing 20 pounds – that’s dangerously close to cursed voodoo shit right there.

So while things may be looking not so good in Celtics land it could always be worse. Just a short train ride away to a land where First Round picks are cursed and even the ones that do play can’t actually shoot a basketball.

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