Weekend Winner – Joe Theismann

“Hey Remember that time Joe Theismann’s leg exploded????”

Joltin’ Joe Theismann was the talk of the weekend after the quarterback for the Washington chapter of the National Football League, Alex Smith suffered quite the gruesome leg injury.

*Ed. Note – we will not be linking a video of either injury due to the fact that you must be some kind of sicko to like rewatching injuries.

Some eerie coincidences then emerged between the two injuries. Apparently they both occurred on November 18 and both while playing for the Washington Football Team. Also according to HTTA freelance contributor Darren Rovell, both yesterday’s game and the Theismann game from 1985 ended in the exact same score.

Ohhhh spooky!

But let’s forget about all that and instead talk about Joe Theismann cuz look at this golden god:

The Single Bar Helmet!!!!!

The Single Bar Helmet is by far the greatest piece of football equipment ever made and Joe rocked it all the way through his career. By 1985 he was the last non-kicker to still go Single Bar and the folks deserves a round of applause every day of the week and twice on Sunday (get it).

The other super awesome Joe Theismann factoid is that everyone pronounces his name wrong. It’s actually Theismann with a long E – like “Thees”mann. People mistakenly pronounce it to rhyme with the Heisman Trophy because Notre Dame used that as the basis for a Heisman campaign. Yes that bastion of truth and justice and fair play made a kid change the pronunciation of his own name in a (failed) attempt to win a meaningless award. Great job Notre Dame.

All in all it’s too bad Joe is defined by a career ending leg injury and a mispronounced last name instead of being a badass Super Bowl Champ.

Look at that nerd Joe Gibbs.


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