Hi-Top Bets – College Football Week 12 – #BeAdvised we are streaking

Is a 3-0-1 week good? Asking for a friend.

Yeah that’s right your friendly neighborhood Hi-Toppers righted the ship (though was it ever really wronged in the first place 🤔) and ripped off an epic weekend to put our overall season record at 25-14-4. Not too shabby for a couple of #RegularGuys Huh.

Week 12

Le Cap was once again hard at work bright and early, he does have to atone for last weeks lone blemish. Never trust Boston College. That’s Day 1 Rule 1 stuff right there folks. And in keeping with that epic quest for more W’s Le Cap did what any sane betting genius would do and headed straight to the source. Only teams that start with “W” will suffice for Le Cap from now on:

Arizona at Washington State (-10.5)

West Virginia (-5.5) at Ok State

Lil’ Dogg

Syracuse (+10.5) (at Yankee Stadium) Notre Dame

The Irish might win but it won’t be by double digits that’s for sure. The neutral site is gonna bite ND is in the behind here. Back at South Bend this is a different story. In the Bronx the Cuse might win outright.

Northwestern (+2) at Minnesota

File this under strange but true – The Big 10 West Champions go in to a game against a .500 team as a 2 point underdog. I’ll take the points thank you.

Meanwhile in the SEC the so-called best Conference in the country has apparently collectively decided to change Week 12 to Cupcake City Week. What a bunch of frauds.

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