In the Face of Progress, a Gas Advertisement Stands Resolute

Literally, Only In Boston, does a 50-something year old gas station advertisement warrant “landmark” status. Think of how jealous all the Chesterfield and Moxie signs must be.

The landmark commission has intervened several times throughout the years to “save” the “iconic” glorified billboard, and according to several outlets, highlighted by the absolutely uselss @OnlyInBoston , they granted permanent landmark status last night. This protects the sign from any future development, as well as anything that “might block its view”.

Are you kidding me? Let’s say there is a great opportunity to build something that could mean countless jobs, money to the area, civic pride…NOPE. Might “block the view” of some advertisement that was last rebuilt in 1983, and we can’t have that because it was in a 2 second throwaway shot during Field of Dreams.

Just because it happens to be close to Fenway Park- another thing that should have been demolished 25 years ago, but that’s a rant for another day.

But seriously, this is what we’re wasting our time on? Some losers started up a “Save our sign” campaign? Don’t they have something else to do with their lives?

And who is on this landmark commission? I’d like to believe in the “Birthplace of the American Revolution”, they’d have a list of 500 other things to get to before this glorified American Picker’s find.

save the sign.png

Listen, I’m not completely void of sentiment.

On my first trip to Fenway in 1986, once I got past seeing the green grass and the Monster in person, the Citgo sign was definitely on the list of things I remember seeing for the first time.

When I used to go to my aunt’s on Prospect Hill, and could scan the skyline, the Citgo sign was one of the first things I’d pick out.

I also remember in 1991, Jack Clark hit a home run that “definitely” hit the Citgo sign. I remember thinking, you morons, it’s like 1400 feet away. Nobody has ever hit a ball half that far. I wonder, was that when I first realized there were a lot of really dumb fans out there???

So, there are memories, I get that. But if the sign vanished off the face of the planet tomorrow, would I care? Have I ever talked to my kids about the Citgo sign? Would I sit my grandkids down and rue the day those bastards took “The Sign” away from our city???

Nope. Not a chance. And once they got past the fake outrage, nobody else would either.

It’s a sign. I’m all for keeping it there as long as you want, whatever. But if someone wants to build a hotel, or housing, or BU wants to put up a new building where someone might do or create something that actually helps society…then call me up. I’ll be the first one there with a sledge hammer ready to take it down.

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