NBA Rewind – Trouble All Around

The name in the game in the NBA right now is Turmoil with a Capital “T” for Trouble. Seems like almost every team is dealing with some level of inner dysfunction. Let’s start out West and work our way East.

Golden State Warriors

The GS Warriors lost in OT to the Clippers last night but the story of the game was a dust up between the two most level headed and calm Warrior teammates – Kevin Durant and Draymond Green:

The spat started when Dray failed to pass the ball to KD at the end of regulation:

Now let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here folks. We are talking about two professionals, two guys that are in complete control of their emotions at all times and absolutely do not have a history of doing stupid shit out of pettiness and jealous.

Locker Room Dysfunction Level – 3 Gilbert Arenas out of 5

Houston Rockets

The Carmelo Anthony Saga Part 3. Reports out of Houston say they have a problem. (Does that joke ever get old?) Morey & Co. deny they plan to waive Anthony but Team Melo is already in Spin Mode:

Will dumping Anthony fix all of Houston’s troubles? Probably not but it will happen. And where will Melo land?

Locker Room Dysfunction Level – 2 Karl Malones out of 5

Minnesota Timberwolves/Philadelphia 76ers

Jimmy B is now a Sixer.

The T-Wolves got rid of their Cancer. So did the Sixers just acquire one? Only time will tell with this blockbuster trade.

Locker Room Dysfunction Level (for now) – 1 Crying Fultz out of 5

Boston Celtics

Our Boys in Green are looking…not so good. The West Coast Road Trip was basically a disaster. Yes the Celtics schedule has been one of the toughest in the league so far but a true Championship caliber team would be rising to the challenge not wilting. Kyrie has thoughts:

πŸ—£ Hey Kyrie, You are a Veteran with Championship experience.

Locker Room Dysfunction Level – 3 Carmelos out of 5

PS – Anyone but Melo. ANYONE BUT MELO!!!!!


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