Hi-Top Bets – Week 11 College Football Picks – #BeAdvised We are Still The Best at This

22-14-3 is NOT BAD.

The Hi–Top Bets Conglomerate has basically split the last like 5 weeks cuz FYI we never lose we just happen to sometimes pick extra games like Bama/LSU cuz we always give the people what they want. Technically we could disregard that Bama loss and claim a winning Week 10 but we are just too damn honest so 2-2-1 it is.

On to Week 11.

Switching things up let’s start with Le Cap who is so confident in his picks he was chomping at the bit to get them up on the Big Board at Hi-Top HQ. Le Cap was in bright and early this morning crunching the numbers and providing analysis:

Le Cap

Utah (-4) vs Oregon

Oregon is 3-6 ATS, have lost and failed to cover last 2 on road.

Clemson at Boston College (+20)

Clemson has covered the last 4, but 3 of those were against losing teams. Failed to cover in their toughest games. BC 7-2 ATS and 23rd ranked scoring off, 17th at home, so should be able to score enough to keep in within 3 tds.

Lil’ Dogg

FSU at Notre Dame (-16)

It’s the Revenge of the Irish this weekend in South Bend. Notre Dame will enact vengeance upon the Seminoles…well actually FSU has literally given up on their season and the real bet is whether or not they even have enough guys to suit up for the game.

TCU at West Virginia (-11)

The Will Grier Hype Train has left the station. Next May’s #1 overall draft pick had his Heisman Moment last week and now he needs his Stat Game – look for a 7 TD air assault and a Mountaineer route.

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